Slow Going Free Agency

Its been two weeks since Major League Baseball said hello to its annual free agent frenzy, and with only two signings thus far it is safe to say it has been slow.  There is no shortage of big names to sign the dotted lines, but with only Ryan Dempster (re-signing with the Cubs for 4 years and a boatload of money), and Jeremy Affeldt heading to San Francisco for 2 years and $8,000,000; the most coveted players are still available.

The only official offer on anyone’s table at this point is the New York Yankees’ inflated offer to C.C. Sabathia.  Considering Sabathia’s desire to pitch on the West Coast, and his love of hitting, it is likely that he is awaiting an offer from the Dodgers or Giants.  Apparently Hal Steinbrenner is short on patience as he stated; “We’ve made him an offer. It’s not going to be there forever,”.  The deal is reportedly worth $140,000,000 over 6 years.  As of today, everything else is just rumors and rumblings;

  • The Toronto Blue Jays appear to be the only team willing to offer A.J. Burnett the 5-year deal that he desires according to the Toronto Sun.
  • Jon Heyman reports that if the Angels are serious about Mark Teixeira then they will have to pony up a deal very similar to the one Miguel Cabrera signed with Detroit last season.  Hell, maybe Teixeira can then gain weight, lose his position, gain more weight, and the team will be the biggest disappointment of the season.
  • The Kansas City Royals seem determined to cause a log-jam in their outfield as well as first base/DH.  Coco Crisp gives them an average CF, and bottom of the order at best bat.  The good news is they are shopping Jose Guillen, although there likely won’t be many takers on the $24,000,000 he is owed over the next two years.

Nothing at all has been mentioned in recent days regarding Manny Ramirez, only that the Blue Jays are not interested.  Toronto would have provided a shield from the media for Manny, but it never seemed likely that the conservative ownership group (Rogers Communications) were willing to back up the money truck.  I’ve had a few ideas of Manny scenarios;

  1. Manny to the Yankees:  Manny cuts his hair, sports a Jeter cut, and wears the number 2007 to remind Red Sox fans of their last World Series title.
  2. Manny to the Pirates:  Manny keeps the hair and in fact, is encouraged to grow it.  He begins to wear an eye-patch by mid-season.
  3. Manny resigns with the Dodgers:  The Dodgers fold their cards and pay Manny for 6 years.  They just had to have his star power.  They did sign Jason Schmidt ($30,000,000 plus so far; 6 starts and a 6.31 ERA).

Come on Pirates!