Roid Rage, Probably Growth Hormone Too

Let me state a couple things; I truly believe that Roger Clemens is a cheater, and I also believe that Brian McNamee is a huge creep.  According to a report, Brian McNamee gave federal investigators Roger Clemens’ DNA in the form of cotton balls, gauze pads, and syringes that he had horded between 1998-2001.  McNamee claims that the evidence was used to inject “The Rocket” with steroids and HGH.  I’m sorry, that’s really disgusting, and, at the same time, maybe the smartest thing Mr. McNamee has ever done (the collecting, not the injecting).

Baseball wants steroids to go away, I’m sure Roger wants steroids to go away as well; I’m from the school of thought that wants those involved in the scandal to be accountable for their actions.  The Clemens vs. McNamee fiasco was looking as though it may never play out in the court of law.  Now, thanks to Brian McNamee’s sick little science kit of steroid paraphernalia, we may soon see Roger Clemens meet his fate on the count of perjury.

Clemens’ lawyer, Rusty Hard-on… er Hardin stated via telephone to the New York Times that they were willing to cooperate with the investigation.  Of course they will because Clemens is the only person crazy enough to believe that he didn’t take the drugs.  His best friend and training partner Andy Pettitte even admitted that he and Roger did it, and spoke about it.  I think we all (mis)remember (yeah, cheesy joke) Roger’s reaction to Pettitte’s testimony.

The odds are stacked against Clemens in this case.  Hopefully his defamation case against McNamee gets tossed, and Roger is made to pay the ultimate price for his actions, that would be the dismissal of his “legacy”.  All that would be left is the constant re-running of him throwing a broken bat at Mike Piazza on some Best Damn Sports compilation show.