Hiding the Truth on Amphetamines

According to a report from ESPN.com, Major League Baseball will not release the results of their newly implemented amphetamine testing program.  While it was widely believed that MLB would be releasing the names of violators, they will not disclose the offenders or the number of positive tests that were encountered.

This is another disappointing development in the never-ending saga in the use of performance enhancing substances  by baseball players.  The league referenced their drug testing program as the reason why they would not release the data, stating; “under our program, first-time positive tests for amphetamines are treated as confidential, and because of that, those numbers will be kept private.”  Come on, really?  The only reason that baseball has seen a reduction in the use of steroids is because the Mitchell Report named names.  Amphetamines, which were at one time used openly and shared among teammates, are believed by some to be of more widespread use in the game than steroids.

Maybe players will be less likely to use banned substances when the league decides to take a tougher stance on the matter.