MLB: Giants Spend at SS, The Reds Care About Their Fans, and Maddux


The San Francisco Giants have decided that Edgar Renteria, who is now joining his fifth team in five years, is worth $18.5 M over the next two years.  Renteria took a hit statistically in just about every offensive category while playing SS for a terrible Tigers team last season.  Edgar never really cut it in the American League after failed stops in both Boston and Detroit.  A career .290 hitter, Renteria hit a career low .270 for Detroit and saw his OPS drop over 160 percentage points to .699.  The Colombian born Renteria will turn 34 next season.

In a story of good faith and karma; the Cincinnati Reds will not raise their ticket prices for next season.  With Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto back in the rotation I have a feeling that the Reds are going to be a much more entertaining team next year, and this is a good sign for fans who have been patient… very patient.

Greg Maddux will be announcing his retirement from baseball.  It was a pleasure for anyone who got to watch Maddux pitch during his years in Atlanta.  He was without question one of, if not the greatest pitcher of his generation.