MLB Winter Moanings: Dye to Reds Off?, Furcal Declines Millions, I Hate Scott Boras and You Should Too

Each morning after I get out of bed, I tell myself; “today is the day that we’ll see some free agent action in baseball”.

My life is filled with disappointment.

With the winter meetings kicking off today in Las Vegas there should be a frenzy on the horizon. Here are some notes from the past few days:

A report emerged over the weekend that a potential trade between the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox was all but finalized.  The Reds were to receive canon-armed right fielder Jermaine Dye, and give up on former top pitching prospect Homer Bailey.   Reds GM, Walt Jocketty then refuted the story by saying; “Wrong. It’s not even close”.  We see this a lot, it usually means one of two things: 1.  The report was leaked prematurely, but the deal is actually nearing completion, or 2.  The report is wrong and it’s not even close.  Give it until the end of the week to play out.

My these tough economic times must be pretty easy on Rafael Furcal.  Despite shortstops being one of the more readily available commodities right now, Furcal was willing to walk away from a very reasonable contract offer from the Oakland A’s.

Now for some news on someone completely unreasonable; Scott Boras is hell bent on destroying baseball.  Not only is he close to fetching C.C. Sabathia more money than Jesus; he’s also gearing up for moronic contracts for the likes of Derek Lowe, Oliver Perez, Mark Teixeira, and Manny Ramirez.  The Yankees are back in the driver’s seat for the services of Sabathia after Boras met with some Yankees folks over the weekend.  Boras represents Barry Bonds… nuff said.