Mets Continue to Bolster Bullpen, Yankees Want the Lunatic


Omar Minaya has clearly realized that the Mets’ bullpen was their downfall last season.  After officially signing record breaking closer Francisco Rodriguez, the Mets completed a 3-team 12-player deal to acquire J.J. Putz.  Putz has been one of the most dominant closers in the game since taking over the role in the 2006 season with the Seattle Mariners.  While his moving fastballs are known to buckle the knees and wrists of opposing hitters; they’ve also been tough on ole’ J.J.’s elbow.

I found Putz much more entertaining when he was closing games, so I’m going to ignore his work in New York.  Gotta admit though, if Putz and and K-Rod can both stay healthy then the Mets’ starters will only need to pitch seven-inning games.

Those Other Jerks in New York:


Just when you thought Jeff Weaver’s edible glove tactic in New York was the pinnacle of mound meltdowns; the Yankees are strong-arming their way to signing the moderately maniacal A.J. Burnett.  The Toronto Blue Jays seem all but eliminated from contention for A.J.; as it stands, the Atlanta Braves seem like the most logical fit for him.  He would evade a full-time media frenzy in Atlanta, and be pitching in the familiar National League East again.

The Skankees have reportedly matched the Braves on a fifth year in their most recent offer to Burnett.  Do it A.J., I friggin’ dare you.  New York fans will be much less forgiving when you more than occasionally shit the bed.

Thanks to DrunkJaysFans for perhaps the greatest baseball player to cartoon character comparison of all-time; A.J. Burnett/Pete Puma.

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