Furcal Makes Up His Mind

It looked like Rafael Furcal was on his way back to the Atlanta Braves, but according to several sources the free agent shortstop has re-signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The deal is reportedly worth $30M over three years, which begs the question; why not take the Oakland A’s inflated offer in such tough economic times?

The A’s had a reported offer of 4-years and $40M on the table, and the bay area isn’t really that far from L.A.  I’m sure the Dodgers are going to use the Furcal signing as a bargaining chip in their quest to re-sign Manny Ramirez.  Like everyone else, Furcal probably didn’t take the penny pinching Oakland A’s serious.

There are still quite a few shortstops available both on the free agent market and via trades.  With Furcal now off the list, look for several teams to increase their interest in Orlando Cabrera of the Chicago White Sox.