MLB: Teixeira Losing Suitors

The Anaheim Angels have withdrawn their 8-year offer to free agent Mark Teixeira.  Not that I can blame them, Teixeira and his agent (asshole) Scott Boras seem intent on driving up the market for the first baseman.  The Boston Red Sox appear to be the frontrunner for Teixeira at this point.

The Washington Nationals remain in the race as well, and hold the hometown card for the Maryland native.  According to Buster Olney of ESPN, Teixeira would prefer to play for an east coast team.  The Nationals’ offer is believed to be in the 8-year $160 M range; similar to that of the Angels.

The Nationals will be a much improved team next season, and they are seeking a “face of the franchise” type player.  Teixeira makes the most sense for them, as they have cut ties with first baseman Dimitri Young, and Nick Johnson will likely not be back either. 

Boras negotiated his way out of talks with the Yankees regarding Alex Rodriguez during last year’s offseason after he advised A-Rod to opt out of his deal.  Although the Yankees did end up resigning Rodriguez, the Yankees stated that the deal may have been more lucrative had Boras not tried to strong-arm them. 

Teixeira will receive a nice contract wherever he chooses to play, but he and Boras are risking alienating other suitors with their market manipulation tactics.