Teixeira Signs With New York, Yankees Ruin Baseball


Give me a minute here, I’m mad as hell.  I hate anything and everything Steinbrenner, Boras, Yankees, and now you can add Mark Teixeira to my hate list. 

I thought that these “tough economic times” would have a profound and lasting effect on baseball.  For once, it seemed as though the teams that had drafted carefully and made intelligent financial decisions would finally be rewarded.  Throw that idea out the fucking window, the Yankees have made cocks of themselves once again.

Mark Teixeira is reportedly heading to New York for 8-years and some ludicrous $180 million.  Bravo, you are buying yourselves the best team possible when the competition is treading carefully so as not to go bankrupt. 

Here’s to hoping C.C. Sabathia blows his shoulder out in Spring Training, A.J. Burnett’s mechanical elbow falls off, and Mark Teixeira and the rest of those assholes sink with the greed ship. 

Happy Holidays.