Phillies’ Hamels Not Likely For Opening Day

Cole Hamels was in a league of his own at times last season, and he led the Phillies rotation to their World Series victory.  The troubling news with Hamels is that he pitched 227.1 innings last season, at the age of 24.  Hamels ascent to the top-tier of National League starters was meteoric, but a fact that is often overlooked is that Hamels may have burst on the scene sooner had he not suffered an elbow injury in 2004.

The Phillies have committed to putting the left handed starter on a throwing plan to ease the soreness on his inflamed left elbow.  He’s tossing a maximum of 54 pitches per session right now, so this setback will derail any plans for him to near the total of 100 chucks that pitching coach Rich Dubee says Hamels needs to reach by the end of camp.

The elbow, combined with a serious case of douche-hair, or private school lid if you will, puts Hamels way behind schedule to start this season healthy.