A-Roid Owes Carlos Delgado an MVP

Flashback to 2003, the American League’s MVP was a noted dickhead on a last-place Texas Rangers team.

Present day, said Dickhead’s name arises as one that tested positive for steroids during his first of three MVP seasons.

First of all, Alex Rodriguez should not have won the AL MVP that season, it should have been Carlos Delgado regardless of the news of Rodriguez’s alleged positive test.  Let’s examine:

Ass-Rod led the league in home runs (47), runs scored (124), and slugging percentage (.600) in 2003.  He finished with a .298 batting average and 118 RBI.  Despite Rodriguez’s juiced-up effort, the Texas Rangers finished last in the American League West with a 71-91 record.

The 2003 Toronto Blue Jays finished third in the unfairly competitive American League East with 86-76 record.  Carlos Delgado finished second in MVP voting that season and his numbers stand-up to Dickhead’s.  Delgado led the American League with 145 RBI, batted .302, and knocked out 42 home runs.  He also scored 117 runs, and slugged .593.  There’s an argument there for a better season, and Delgado’s output was much more valuable to his team than A-Rod’s last place effort.

We could look at the numbers all day, but we need only to examine the fact that Rodriguez was using steroids, never mind that he’s a fucking cock-sucking jerk, to realize that Delgado was more deserving of the MVP award.

Bonds’ Dirty Urine, Clemens’ Tainted DNA

Sometimes I just wish it would just go away, but seeing as most teams are still treading cautiously this off-season, I’m left with little choice but to report on players accused of juicing.  Who am I kidding, I love this shit.

According to a report from The New York Times, one of Barry Bonds‘ 2003 urine samples was retested by federal authorities and it was positive for “performance enhancing drugs”.  Apparently, the sample was originally tested by MLB and was not positive under their program, but this time around it tested positive.  I bet Barry’s defense team is going to have a field-day with this at his perjury trial.  Positive or not, I’m sure Barry was still taking the drugs “unknowingly”.

Just plead gamma poisoning!

From the twisted basement of Brian McNamee comes dirty needles tainted with the DNA of Roger Clemens that McNamee shot into Clemens’ ass.  According to a report that first surfaced in the Washington Post, tests have matched Clemens’ DNA to that of blood in a syringe that Brian McNamee claims to have used to inject “The Rocket” with steroids.  You can read all about on ESPN.

Clemens’ lawyer Rusty (Hard-On) Hardin was quick to dismiss the tests saying:

“It will still be evidence fabricated by McNamee, I would be dumbfounded if any responsible person ever found this to be reliable or credible evidence in any way.”

I don’t know Rusty, after reading this bit about Clemens having liniment rubbed on his nut-sack I placed a lot more faith in McNamee’s accounts of dealing with Roger’s backdoor.


Stop The Manny Madness! Little Is Certain For Next Season

It’s true, the Dodgers have officially made an offer to Manny Ramirez.  The report came from a “source”, probably Manny’s agent Scott Boras.  Get ready for this, the reported proposal was for… ONE YEAR!  That’s about 31 years shy of what Boras and Manny are seeking, although the deal would be for somewhere in the $25 million range.

I for one don’t know what to make of this.  It’s almost inevitable that Manny will play somewhere in California, and if Scott Boras wasn’t such a massive prick I’m sure we would already know what team he would frustrate this coming season.  Chances are slim that Ramirez will sign a deal for one-year (that would require him to work hard for an entire season).

Amidst all this mess, only two things are certain for Manny’s upcoming season:

1.  He’ll have long hair.

2.  Undoubtedly, he’ll be an entertaining lunatic.


San Francisco Could Be Destination for Manny Ramirez

According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the San Francisco Giants may make a concerted effort to sign free agent outfielder Manny Ramirez.  Conflicting reports this week signaled that the market for Man-Ram was heating up, but St. Louis Cardinals’ stud Albert Pujols claimed that Manny told him that there was little to no interest in his services around the league.

Whatever the case, San Francisco could be a natural fit for Ramirez.  The media frenzy that surrounded Barry Bonds for all those seasons needs a new focal point, and it just so happens that the enigmatic Manny plays the same position as the bulging Bonds.


Cubs and Orioles Talking Deal For Rich Hill

A report from MLB Trade Rumors outlines a potential deal in the works that would send left handed starter Rich Hill to the Baltimore Orioles.

Hill had an excellent 2007 season going 11-8 with a 3.92 ERA and striking out 183 batters in 195 innings.  He never found his form in in 2008 and was demoted to the minors after only five starts.  The 28 year-old would probably benefit from a change of scenery, and he is not in the Cubs’ starting rotation plans.


David Justice, Dwight Gooden Deny Radomski’s Allegations

Former Mets’ “clubhouse attendant” Kirk Radomski sold steroids, HGH, and whatever else was needed.  He makes no bones about it.  Unfortunately, most of the players that he has named as former clients all plead innocence.  Radomski recently claimed in an ESPN interview that David Justice had lied to prosecutors about knowing him.  He also stated that Justice had purchased performance-enhancing dope.

Justice vehemently denied Radomski’s allegations in a phone interview with ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning, you can read all about it and listen to Justice’s rebuttal here.  It’s worth it, this shit gets bizarre.  Radomski recounts a trip to a card-show with Glenallen Hill and Justice, and a drive to the airport in which Radomski claims to have given Justice a “box” of steroids and growth hormone.

Brian McNamee‘s name popped up too, and even Dwight Gooden managed to find his way into this twisted tale.  Radomski claims to have taken urine tests for Gooden in the 1990’s.  Gooden had his fair share of substance abuse battles during his career, but swiftly denied Radomski’s prescence at any of his piss-tests.

Justice said he has no intention of suing Radomski and that doing so would only grant publicity to Radomski’s upcoming book entitled Bases Loaded.

Will someone please put a tent over this circus?


Cubs, Mariners Complete Trade, Other MLB Notes

One trade to report as the Chicago Cubs have acquired middle reliever Aaron Heilman from the Seattle Mariners for pitcher Garrett Olson and the once highly-touted shortstop prospect Ronny Cedeno.  Both Heilman and Olson were involved in trades earlier in the off-season.  Heilman was sent to Seattle in the J.J. Putz deal, while Olson went the other way when Baltimore acquired Felix Pie from the Cubs.

  • Bobby Abreu is going to consider accepting a one-year deal after his initial demands were considered too high according to ESPN’s Buster Olney.
  • Word from Ken Rosenthal is that the Pittsburgh Pirates are closing in on a deal with former Rookie of the Year Eric Hinske.  The deal is reportedly for one-year, and includes some incentives.
  • MLB Trade Rumors via the Arizona Republic report on a one-year deal in Arizona for Jon Garland.  The deal is believed to be in the $6-8 million range.
  • Will Clark has joined the San Francisco Giants front office as a special assistant.

Pittsburgh Pirates Nearing Long-Term Deal With Paul Maholm

The last eight years haven’t been very friendly to The Pittsburgh Pirates’ pitching prospects.  Most manage to disappear completely, or fail to crack the Major League roster for a considerable amount of time.  Hardly a good sign for a team that hasn’t had a winning season since 1992.

Paul Maholm, the Pirates’ 1st Round draft choice in 2003 (8th overall) made himself an exception to the norm last season by showcasing the potential that made the former Mississippi State standout a legitimate first rounder.  The left-handed Maholm finished the season with a record of 9-9, a 3.71 ERA and a respectable 1.28 WHIP to go along with 139 strikeouts and only 63 walks in 206.1 innings of work.

According to the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, via MLB Trade Rumors of course, Maholm is seeking an annual salary of $3.8 million.  The Pirates countered with $2.65 million.  Maholm and the team have been discussing the possibility of a long-term deal for several weeks.  An arbitration hearing is scheduled for February 10th.


Former Cincinnati Red Sean Casey Retires

In an off-season that has been slowed by economic fears, retirement has taken precedence over player movement in the last week.  Baseball bid good riddance to Jeff Kent earlier this week, and now Sean Casey has followed Kent into life after baseball.

Sean Casey was a well-liked first baseman everywhere he stopped in his career including Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and finally Boston.  Casey finished his career with a very respectable .302 average.

According to MLB Trade Rumors (via WEEI.com), Casey will be moving into a role with the MLB network.  That should be a good fit for the talkative 34 year-old.