Slammin’ Sammy Not Ready To Quit

Sammy Sosa turned 40 years old last month.  That puts him anywhere between 42 and 48 years of age in real life.  Despite his age, Sosa recently admitted that he still has the desire to play baseball professionally.

Not that long ago, Sosa expressed his intention to retire from baseball following the World Baseball Classic in March.  The Dominican Republic native claims that he is in excellent shape and ready to play Major League Baseball again, and he is no longer committed to giving up the game.

In recent comments at a charity event according to ESPN news services, Sosa stated;

“Those who saw me training know that I’m hitting the ball with the usual authority. I just hope to get the chance to prove that I’m still a threat”.

Sosa was one of the many sluggers at the center of the steroid controversy.  Consequently, he has been subject to numerous episodes of slagging from former teammates with regards to his attitude. 

Despite his rapid decline in ability and decrease in muscle mass, Sosa remains one of 5 players to surpass the 600 homerun mark.  He last appeared with the Texas Rangers in 2007, and did not play last season.

Good luck Sammy, you’re going to  need it.

Teixeira Signs With New York, Yankees Ruin Baseball


Give me a minute here, I’m mad as hell.  I hate anything and everything Steinbrenner, Boras, Yankees, and now you can add Mark Teixeira to my hate list. 

I thought that these “tough economic times” would have a profound and lasting effect on baseball.  For once, it seemed as though the teams that had drafted carefully and made intelligent financial decisions would finally be rewarded.  Throw that idea out the fucking window, the Yankees have made cocks of themselves once again.

Mark Teixeira is reportedly heading to New York for 8-years and some ludicrous $180 million.  Bravo, you are buying yourselves the best team possible when the competition is treading carefully so as not to go bankrupt. 

Here’s to hoping C.C. Sabathia blows his shoulder out in Spring Training, A.J. Burnett’s mechanical elbow falls off, and Mark Teixeira and the rest of those assholes sink with the greed ship. 

Happy Holidays.

MLB: Teixeira Losing Suitors

The Anaheim Angels have withdrawn their 8-year offer to free agent Mark Teixeira.  Not that I can blame them, Teixeira and his agent (asshole) Scott Boras seem intent on driving up the market for the first baseman.  The Boston Red Sox appear to be the frontrunner for Teixeira at this point.

The Washington Nationals remain in the race as well, and hold the hometown card for the Maryland native.  According to Buster Olney of ESPN, Teixeira would prefer to play for an east coast team.  The Nationals’ offer is believed to be in the 8-year $160 M range; similar to that of the Angels.

The Nationals will be a much improved team next season, and they are seeking a “face of the franchise” type player.  Teixeira makes the most sense for them, as they have cut ties with first baseman Dimitri Young, and Nick Johnson will likely not be back either. 

Boras negotiated his way out of talks with the Yankees regarding Alex Rodriguez during last year’s offseason after he advised A-Rod to opt out of his deal.  Although the Yankees did end up resigning Rodriguez, the Yankees stated that the deal may have been more lucrative had Boras not tried to strong-arm them. 

Teixeira will receive a nice contract wherever he chooses to play, but he and Boras are risking alienating other suitors with their market manipulation tactics.

Furcal Makes Up His Mind

It looked like Rafael Furcal was on his way back to the Atlanta Braves, but according to several sources the free agent shortstop has re-signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The deal is reportedly worth $30M over three years, which begs the question; why not take the Oakland A’s inflated offer in such tough economic times?

The A’s had a reported offer of 4-years and $40M on the table, and the bay area isn’t really that far from L.A.  I’m sure the Dodgers are going to use the Furcal signing as a bargaining chip in their quest to re-sign Manny Ramirez.  Like everyone else, Furcal probably didn’t take the penny pinching Oakland A’s serious.

There are still quite a few shortstops available both on the free agent market and via trades.  With Furcal now off the list, look for several teams to increase their interest in Orlando Cabrera of the Chicago White Sox.

MLB: Phillies, Indians, Yanks Finalize Some Deals

World Series champs, the Philadelphia Phillies have reached an agreement with free-agent outfielder Raul Ibanez.  The deal is worth $30 M over three years.  Ibanez will replace the void left by the departing Pat Burrell, the deal also sets a watermark for any contract offers that may come Burrell’s way.

Kerry Wood and the Cleveland Indians put the finishing touches on a two-year deal for the former Cubs closer.  Wood will command a touch more than $10,000,000 per season, not bad for a lifetime disabled list loiterer.

The New York Yankees officially welcomed A.J. Burnett to their starting rotation, and I officially raised my middle finger to both Burnett and the Yankees.

Mets Continue to Bolster Bullpen, Yankees Want the Lunatic


Omar Minaya has clearly realized that the Mets’ bullpen was their downfall last season.  After officially signing record breaking closer Francisco Rodriguez, the Mets completed a 3-team 12-player deal to acquire J.J. Putz.  Putz has been one of the most dominant closers in the game since taking over the role in the 2006 season with the Seattle Mariners.  While his moving fastballs are known to buckle the knees and wrists of opposing hitters; they’ve also been tough on ole’ J.J.’s elbow.

I found Putz much more entertaining when he was closing games, so I’m going to ignore his work in New York.  Gotta admit though, if Putz and and K-Rod can both stay healthy then the Mets’ starters will only need to pitch seven-inning games.

Those Other Jerks in New York:


Just when you thought Jeff Weaver’s edible glove tactic in New York was the pinnacle of mound meltdowns; the Yankees are strong-arming their way to signing the moderately maniacal A.J. Burnett.  The Toronto Blue Jays seem all but eliminated from contention for A.J.; as it stands, the Atlanta Braves seem like the most logical fit for him.  He would evade a full-time media frenzy in Atlanta, and be pitching in the familiar National League East again.

The Skankees have reportedly matched the Braves on a fifth year in their most recent offer to Burnett.  Do it A.J., I friggin’ dare you.  New York fans will be much less forgiving when you more than occasionally shit the bed.

Thanks to DrunkJaysFans for perhaps the greatest baseball player to cartoon character comparison of all-time; A.J. Burnett/Pete Puma.

Link for Weaver Pic

C.C. Sabathia Is Rich, Global Recession Favors the Yankees

After a couple weeks of speculation, unfounded rumors, and empty threats; C.C. Sabathia is on the verge of signing a ludicrous 7-year, $161 million contract with the New York Yankees.  Despite the rest of the world’s financial insecurity, the Yankees are poised to pay out the ass for a few other free-agent pitchers as well.

The Yankees are still very much in the hunt for Derek Lowe, A.J. Burnett, Ben Sheets, and Andy Pettitte.  Other potential suitors for these pitchers will likely be outbid by the evil empire.  Hatred and contempt, spread it.

Some of the more financially vulnerable teams were making some moves of their own; the Baltimore Orioles came to terms with shortstop Cesar Izturis, while the Cincinnati Reds sent utility man Ryan Freel to the Orioles in exchange for catcher Ramon Hernandez.  Hernandez gives the Reds more experience and stability at the catcher position for next season.

The Cleveland Indians are reportedly close to agreeing with Kerry Wood on a two-year deal.  Wood would become the team’s closer,  putting several Indians’ relievers out of their misery after they all struggled with the role last season.

Let The Free Agent Frenzy Begin? Mets Reportedly Sign K-Rod


It looks like you can add Francisco Rodriguez to the annual list of free agent superstars that the New York Mets have signed following a monster season.  According to ESPN the Mets and K-Rod have agreed to a three-year deal worth a reported $37 million plus incentives.  Rodriguez re-wrote the record books last season by breaking Bobby Thigpen’s  record of 57 saves in a season.  Rodriguez successfully closed out 62 games for the Anaheim Angels.

A great many of superstar players have gone to the Mets in search of a shot at a World Series (more often it’s money) over the years.  That 4-year deal they gave to Pedro Martinez back in 2004 worked out really well; he made only 25 starts in the last two seasons combined.  Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado have both had some decent moments since becoming Mets, and been central figures in their back-to-back late season collapses.

The Mets now have over $22 million dollars invested in closers for next season if you consider that Billy Wagner is out recovering from elbow surgery.  That’s a lot, and K-Rod doesn’t exactly have the most elbow-friendly delivery either.

The Mets should be prepared, there will be times over the next three years when they get little in return from their latest investment.

MLB Winter Moanings: Dye to Reds Off?, Furcal Declines Millions, I Hate Scott Boras and You Should Too

Each morning after I get out of bed, I tell myself; “today is the day that we’ll see some free agent action in baseball”.

My life is filled with disappointment.

With the winter meetings kicking off today in Las Vegas there should be a frenzy on the horizon. Here are some notes from the past few days:

A report emerged over the weekend that a potential trade between the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox was all but finalized.  The Reds were to receive canon-armed right fielder Jermaine Dye, and give up on former top pitching prospect Homer Bailey.   Reds GM, Walt Jocketty then refuted the story by saying; “Wrong. It’s not even close”.  We see this a lot, it usually means one of two things: 1.  The report was leaked prematurely, but the deal is actually nearing completion, or 2.  The report is wrong and it’s not even close.  Give it until the end of the week to play out.

My these tough economic times must be pretty easy on Rafael Furcal.  Despite shortstops being one of the more readily available commodities right now, Furcal was willing to walk away from a very reasonable contract offer from the Oakland A’s.

Now for some news on someone completely unreasonable; Scott Boras is hell bent on destroying baseball.  Not only is he close to fetching C.C. Sabathia more money than Jesus; he’s also gearing up for moronic contracts for the likes of Derek Lowe, Oliver Perez, Mark Teixeira, and Manny Ramirez.  The Yankees are back in the driver’s seat for the services of Sabathia after Boras met with some Yankees folks over the weekend.  Boras represents Barry Bonds… nuff said.

MLB: Giants Spend at SS, The Reds Care About Their Fans, and Maddux


The San Francisco Giants have decided that Edgar Renteria, who is now joining his fifth team in five years, is worth $18.5 M over the next two years.  Renteria took a hit statistically in just about every offensive category while playing SS for a terrible Tigers team last season.  Edgar never really cut it in the American League after failed stops in both Boston and Detroit.  A career .290 hitter, Renteria hit a career low .270 for Detroit and saw his OPS drop over 160 percentage points to .699.  The Colombian born Renteria will turn 34 next season.

In a story of good faith and karma; the Cincinnati Reds will not raise their ticket prices for next season.  With Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto back in the rotation I have a feeling that the Reds are going to be a much more entertaining team next year, and this is a good sign for fans who have been patient… very patient.

Greg Maddux will be announcing his retirement from baseball.  It was a pleasure for anyone who got to watch Maddux pitch during his years in Atlanta.  He was without question one of, if not the greatest pitcher of his generation.