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Speak Of The Devil, Dunn Gets Deal Done With Nats

I didn’t know all I had to do was publish a post about a top tier slugger not having a home, and poof… he’d have one.

That’s the case this afternoon as has reported that the blonde-bomber has agreed to a two-year deal with the Washington Nationals.  The deal is reportedly worth $20 million, and could be announced as early as Thursday.

Dunn could takeover as the fulltime firstbaseman for the Nats, as their outfield is quickly becoming very crowded.


Adam Dunn Still Not On A Baseball Team

There’s still more than a handful of big name free agents available as we inch closer to Spring Training.  Most of the names that are still being bandied about are homeless with good cause.  Ken Griffey Jr. is old, and well past his prime.  Ben Sheets has elbow issues that will likely sideline him for half of the season.  Bobby Abreu is a superstar on the decline who was seeking well beyond what the market will bear.

The absence of Adam Dunn on a Major League roster at this point makes little sense.

It’s not as though teams are unsure of what Dunn brings to the table.  The 6’6″ “Big Donkey” has been one of the game’s most consistent performers over the last five seasons.  Sure, a batting average of .250 or higher would be a bonus and he’s going to strike out a tonne, but there’s no argument about the power numbers.

Dunn is the only player in Major League Baseball to have hit at least 40 home runs in each of the last five seasons.  His lowest RBI total during that span was 92, and his career .381 OBP isn’t so shabby either. Consider that his best seasons came on some pretty weak Cincinnati Reds’ teams and it’s not hard to imagine how those RBI totals may have faired with a little more protection in the lineup.

With apparently at least two offers out there to sit on (Washington and Arizona), Dunn’s days as a free agent may be numbered.  He probably could have commanded astronomical dollars had this been any other off-season, but it’s more likely that he’ll accept a discounted short-term deal and do his usual ball-bashing until the market picks itself up.