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A-Roid Owes Carlos Delgado an MVP

Flashback to 2003, the American League’s MVP was a noted dickhead on a last-place Texas Rangers team.

Present day, said Dickhead’s name arises as one that tested positive for steroids during his first of three MVP seasons.

First of all, Alex Rodriguez should not have won the AL MVP that season, it should have been Carlos Delgado regardless of the news of Rodriguez’s alleged positive test.  Let’s examine:

Ass-Rod led the league in home runs (47), runs scored (124), and slugging percentage (.600) in 2003.  He finished with a .298 batting average and 118 RBI.  Despite Rodriguez’s juiced-up effort, the Texas Rangers finished last in the American League West with a 71-91 record.

The 2003 Toronto Blue Jays finished third in the unfairly competitive American League East with 86-76 record.  Carlos Delgado finished second in MVP voting that season and his numbers stand-up to Dickhead’s.  Delgado led the American League with 145 RBI, batted .302, and knocked out 42 home runs.  He also scored 117 runs, and slugged .593.  There’s an argument there for a better season, and Delgado’s output was much more valuable to his team than A-Rod’s last place effort.

We could look at the numbers all day, but we need only to examine the fact that Rodriguez was using steroids, never mind that he’s a fucking cock-sucking jerk, to realize that Delgado was more deserving of the MVP award.