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David Justice, Dwight Gooden Deny Radomski’s Allegations

Former Mets’ “clubhouse attendant” Kirk Radomski sold steroids, HGH, and whatever else was needed.  He makes no bones about it.  Unfortunately, most of the players that he has named as former clients all plead innocence.  Radomski recently claimed in an ESPN interview that David Justice had lied to prosecutors about knowing him.  He also stated that Justice had purchased performance-enhancing dope.

Justice vehemently denied Radomski’s allegations in a phone interview with ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning, you can read all about it and listen to Justice’s rebuttal here.  It’s worth it, this shit gets bizarre.  Radomski recounts a trip to a card-show with Glenallen Hill and Justice, and a drive to the airport in which Radomski claims to have given Justice a “box” of steroids and growth hormone.

Brian McNamee‘s name popped up too, and even Dwight Gooden managed to find his way into this twisted tale.  Radomski claims to have taken urine tests for Gooden in the 1990’s.  Gooden had his fair share of substance abuse battles during his career, but swiftly denied Radomski’s prescence at any of his piss-tests.

Justice said he has no intention of suing Radomski and that doing so would only grant publicity to Radomski’s upcoming book entitled Bases Loaded.

Will someone please put a tent over this circus?