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On Papelbon On Manny

Jonathan Papelbon takes himself very seriously.  That’s why he stares down batters with his mouth permanently stuck in the old “cock-sucker’s cramp” pose.  He takes himself so seriously that it doesn’t seem like even he had any idea of the shit coming out of his mouth when he spoke about Manny Ramirez to Esquire.

It’s one thing to express your own displeasure with a former teammate, it’s an entirely other thing to do so in the media and then throw a few of your current teammates under the bus along with yourself.  Look at this shit:

“He was on a different train!” Paplebon said of Ramirez. “And you saw what happened with that. We got rid of him, and we moved on without him. That comes from the manager, and it comes from guys like Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield and David Ortiz. Nobody is ever going to be allowed to do that. Even a guy like me, just heading into my fourth year in the big leagues – if David Ortiz gets a little, you know – I’ll tell him what’s up! I’m not afraid to do that. I’m not afraid to put him in his place, because I think everybody needs that.”

Even a guy like Papelbon shouldn’t get away with that kind of behavior (taking piss breaks in the Green Monster, faking injuries, taking days off, rolling around on the field, etc.).  Agh, and what’s worse is that Papelbon is fucking closer, he pitches less than 70 innings every year and it’s the most overrated job in baseball.  Just shut the fuck up and try starting you arrogant egomaniac.