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Scott Olsen Likes His Smokes, Vlad Guerrero Is Older

The Washington Nationals newly acquired left-hander and notorious bar fighter Scott Olsen sure likes to smoke cigarettes (Hat-Tip Deadspin).  Olsen says he smokes about 12 butts a day, and maybe more if he’s drinking.  Turns out that Olsen has found a nice little private smoking space at the Nationals’ Spring Training facility, and he’ll use it at his own discretion:

His teammates, less than an hour from their 1 p.m. exhibition game on Tuesday, clustered in the clubhouse. But Olsen sat outside in an unattended golf cart, legs up on the glass windshield, puffing away and telling the story of old bad habits.

Hey, it’s probably a healthier vice than getting shit-canned, driving, fighting police, and getting “Tasered”.

Vlad Lets One Slip:

Check out this goodie from Yahoo’s Tim Brown, after being asked about his recovery from off-season knee surgery, Vlad replied:

“I feel good. I can’t say [like] 25, because, you know, I’m 34. But I feel a lot better. That’s where I’m at right now.”

The Angels’ media guide, among other baseball references, list Guerrero’s birth date as Feb. 9, 1976, which would make him 33.